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Plant List 2020

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HeirloomCherokee Purple, Amana Orange, Pineapple, Ponderosa Red, Brandywine, Red Siberian, Beefsteak, Green Zebra,Black Krim, Fried Green.

Paste/Roma: Amish Paste, Ten fingers of Naples, Black Vernaissage, Speckled Roma.

Hybrid: Better Boy, Early Girl, BHN-871 (yellow), Lime Green Salad (Patio type), and Atomic Grape. 

Cherry: Sungold, Sweetie (cherry), Bumblebee Blend (sunrise, purple, and pink), Chocolate Cherry, Black Cherry, Riesenstraub.


Sweet: Cubanelle, Jimmy Nardello, Golden Marconi, Yolo wonder, Purple beauty, Sweet Banana, Golden Cal Wonder,  Orange Sun, Coral Belle.

Mild: Early Jalapeno, Numex Joe e. Parker, Czech Black, Ancho/Poblano, Padron, Friggitello, Shishito.

Hot: Thai Volcano, Santaka Thai (less heat than Volcano, Szechuan, Jalafuego, Fresno, Guajillo, Cayenne.

Super Hot: Fatali, Trinidad Scorpion, CBN Dragons Breath, Habanero. Bolga de Dulce, Aji Arnaucho.

EGGPLANT:  Black Beauty, and Long purple.

VEGGIES:  Escarole, Frisee, Blue Scotch curled kale, Red Dragon Napa Cabbage, Collards, Leeks.

HERBS: Cilantro, Parsley, Thyme, Oregano, Sage, Rosemary, Summer savory, Mexican Tarragon, Cutting Celery, Basil (Thai, Genovese, Opal, Lemon, Lime, spicy globe, Tulsi Holy), Curry Plant, Lavender, Astragalus, St. Johns wort, and Epazote, Chervil.

Available May 5th:  Spacemaster Cucumber, Zucchini, Yellow straitneck summer squash, Patty pan squash, and Okra

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