Elderberry Syrup

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Whipped up a fresh batch o’ Elderberry Syurp. Folks been a clamourin’ on account of that mean ol’ Coronavirus, so I figured I may as well.

Our Elderberry syrup is an ol’ fashioned folk remedy, and is made from a recipe passed down for a generation. It’s loaded down with: the most locally sourced wildcrafted elderberries for it’s high vitamin c and adapogenic properties, pure raw wildflower honey and cloves to coat a dry itchy throat and lessen allergies, cinnamon leaves for thier anti-micobial properties, Ginger from our friends at Legacy Circle Farms to settle the stomach. The seasons is a changin’ could prove mighty beneficial.

Git you some at the Tower Grove Winter Markets… OR order online with square: https://checkout.square.site/buy/N4PTPGTKJ42HASZXK6XDJCQG

Or call Josh at 573-239-2632 for over the phone ordering and on farm pickup. Delivery available for an additional $8.
And it’s a darn good deal at only $20 for a 8oz bottle!

Git ’em far there gawn!

wondering where you can actually come pick up some of our Elderberry syrup?

Well the lovely folks at the Tower Grove Farmers Market put together this flyer for y’all to know whereabouts to “git you sum”:

Our winter schedule we are doing all of the markets listed above except for the Ferguson markets.

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