Artisan Salts & Seasonings

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Finishing Salts

Pele’s Fire Volcano Salt:
IMG_20191221_120007 (2)
Invoke the Hawaiian Goddess of the volcano (Pele), with this fiery blend of hot chili peppers and Volcanic Salts mined from the islands. Pele doesn’t like it when visitors take rocks/minerals off the island so she imbued this finishing salt with her fiery lava heat! Perfect on most anything that is savory and in need of salt, like: Vegetables, Eggs, Popcorn, and plated meals in general that are just begging for some heat!

Habanero Hickory Smoked Salt:
IMG_20191221_115314 (2)
A customer favorite… probably because the flavor and the heat of the habaneros are perfectly in balance with salty and sweet flavors from the hickory smoked Himalayan Pink Salt. Some of the best uses for this salt are: mixed in with a BBQ rub for pork or chicken to acquire that wood smoked flavor without having to actually smoke the meat.

Fatali-Citron Salt:
Fatali is one of the best Super-hot peppers (850,000 Scoville Heat Units) in terms of citrusy flavor and pungent tropical pepper aroma. The strain is so old that it’s assumed to have originated in central Africa in the mid 1800’s from peppers (which had recently been introduced from South America). The heat level is similar to that of habanero Only Slightly hotter. The Yemeni style curry powder is lighter and more delicate than that of Thai or Indian curry and in conjunction with the Citron salt and Fatali pepper complexity, this seasoning salt has the capacity to transform most foods with just a sprinkle!

Herb & Salt Blends

Fleur De Montcuq:
IMG_20191221_114242 (2)
Similar to Herbes De Provence. Named for the French town from which Sara’s ancestors came. This seasoning is reminiscent of the French riviera and the large bins of bulk mixed herbs found at farmer’s markets across southern France. Anise, Fennel, and other licorice-like flavors accentuate herbal flavors like savory, thyme, and lavender. Uses: Chicken, Potatoes, Green Beans, Artichoke, Salad Dressing, Steak, Lamb or Goat (Especially Goat Cheese).
Vegetable & Greens Seasoning:
For all vegetables and greens. This seasoning has the traditional flavors of southern greens seasonings (paprika, garlic, onion powder etc.), that not only work well with vegetables but, also makes vegetables more palatable to those who are veggie averse. It uses a trifecta of bright licorice flavors from dill, fennel and celery seeds. Topped off with light Herbal flavors (Thyme and Tarragon) and a Small amount of Himalayan salt and raw turbinado sugar. Use generously when stewing greens, and more conservatively on sautéed or steamed veggies.

Salmon Run:
Great on all fish, on fresh cucumbers and even good in pickle brine! Dill sits at the forefront, backed up by subtle yet apparent complexities of both lemon basil and Tarragon, dried parsley adds yet another dimension of flavor which ties in with the coumarin flavor of the dill with a combination of Pink Himalayan Salt & Pacific Blue Sea salt.

Lamb Rub:
Sage forward, yet; balanced with the ever so magical combination of Parsley and Mint, as well as deep lemony citrus flavors from citron infused salt and wild Sumac (Rhus Glabra). These flavors tied together with the aromatic floral yet herbal character of Rosemary. Suitable to a Mediterranean palate, this seasoning not only works well with lamb, but also on fish, chicken, goat and even in breakfast sausage.

Pork Rub:
IMG_20191221_114744 (2)
Truly an all-around roasting/grilling seasoning. This is due to: the layers of complex herbal aromatics, a savory onion-garlic backbone, sharp and floral flavor of black and Szechuan peppercorns, the subtle sweetness of the mango powder (Amchur), peppery citrus notes from grains of paradise, and the subtle Smoky flavor imparted by grapevine smoked salt. This seasoning makes excellent pork chops in the oven or stove-top, and is excellent for adding caramelization on the grill, also works well on poultry, and vegetables.

Steak Seasoning:
The flavors naturally found in steak require a delicate yet bold approach when it comes to seasoning. Beyond Salt and Black Pepper, Strong Aromatic seed oils (such as: Dill, and Mustard) must be used alongside herbs (like Savory and Thyme) that accentuate, but not overpower the meat. Aromatic seeds are left whole or slightly crushed so that they may be re-awoken (crushed in a mortar and pedestal) upon use.

Greek Seasoning:
Think Gyros…This seasoning is designed for making the best and most authentic Greek Gyros! With an herbal base of: Rosemary, Marjoram, and Parsley, which are backed up by Cinnamon, White & Black Pepper, sea salt, Garlic and Paprika. Excellent on Lamb, also works well on Greek specialties like Dolma & Souvlaki.
Pickling Spice (Spicy Dill):
Designed to be used when either fermenting or quick processing slightly spicy Dill Pickles. Perfectly balances whole spices (including Allspice, Coriander, Mustard), salt for the brine, Dill weed and seed (crushed), Thai chilies make the perfect heat level, and turmeric for color.

Spicy Seasonings

Pizza Sprinkle:
“The Essence of Pizza Flavor” With this homegrown/custom blend of herbs, peppers, salt and tangy sun-dried tomatoes, this seasoning is meant to be used both as a hybrid finishing salt/seasoning for pizza sauce and dough. Wonderful for a spicy tangy pasta sauce, Marinara, and Salzitsa.

Cajun Heat:
IMG_20191221_120254 (2)
With just the right amount of real cayenne and tobasco heat, as well as the perfect balance of Onion, Garlic, and Paprika to make it a well-rounded Creole spice. With the addition of Celery and Gumbo filé (Ground Sassafras leaves) This seasoning is as authentically Cajun as it gets! Use as a main seasoning or to spice up anything!!! Especially good on eggs, breakfast sausage, breaded chicken, any shrimp, added to cocktail sauce, really just about any ol ‘ thing.

#1 Szechuan Seasoning:
IMG_20191221_115620 (2)
A Tongue tingling, mouthwatering Szechuan Seasoning loaded with “Mala” flavor. It is like a sleeping dragon…just simmer a teaspoon or so in a few tablespoons of vegetable oil to awaken the hot chilies and peppercorns; then create the Szechuan sauce with a little rice wine vinegar, honey/brown sugar, and Chinese cooking wine. Or toss some fried chicken in the infused oil for a more potent (and authentic) numbing-tingling experience from the higher concentration of hydroxy-α-sanshool in the peppercorns and capsaicin in the peppers.

Chili Powder(HOT):
IMG_20200124_143032 (2)
A truly hot Chili powder… The unique combination of dried chilies (New Mexico, California, Pasilla, Guajillo, De Arbol, Ancho) and the potent addition of fresh ground Cumin, Coriander, and Mexican Oregano makes this the perfect all-in-one chili powder…No other spices needed!

White Chili Powder:
A balanced blend of Green Anaheim, Jalapeno, Poblano, and Serrano chilies alongside: Cumin, Sage, Mexican Oregano, Thyme, and Dried citrus peels makes this the perfect Mexican poultry rub for grilling or for Simmering poultry into chili. Also makes a great base for mole!

Taco Seasoning:
Based from our Chili Powder…our taco seasoning has deep chili complexity balanced with Onion sweetness, pungent Garlic, fresh ground Cumin and Coriander, herbal Oregano notes and Citrus aromatics.

Southern Fried Seasoning:
It’s “Digit Tastin’ Delicious!” So good that it gives the Colonel a run for his money with those southern staples (Garlic, Paprika, Onion); herbs like Tarragon, Thyme, Bay leaves, the added spicy complexity with Cayenne, White, Black, and Green peppercorns, and a hint of the citrus and peppery grains of paradise. Works on anything fried: (Chicken, Fish, green Tomatoes, Okra, Etc.) as well as: breakfast potatoes, breakfast sausage, and makes an exceptional sausage gravy!

Jamaican Jerk:
This seasoning is l0aded down with Thyme, Allspice, Cloves, Nutmeg, and Cinnamon. Habanadas are used to balance the Scotch bonnet and Habanero heat. It is designed to be blended with Worcestershire or soy sauce, green onions, fresh peppers, and garlic into a brine/marinade. It may also be used simply as a rub or finishing spice to add extra Jerk flavor to anything. Traditionally used on chicken or fish.

Caribbean Curry:
Bright and spice forward. Used in Jamaica to make a curry that is different from any other. Akin to British-Style Indian curries, but with a hint of Caribbean essence (Scotch Bonnets, Allspice, Cinnamon and Thyme). The main flavors are the coumarin notes from Cumin and Coriander, accompanied by pungent aromatics from Ginger, Black Pepper and Onions, and Garlic. Just simmer some chicken, mix in the curry powder, add with coconut milk and throw in some chickpeas and there you have it…Caribbean Curry! Garnish with Cilantro and Scallions.

Massaman Curry Powder:
Traditional Thai Red Style, distinguished from Indian curry through many fresh and aromatic flavors: Thai red chilies, Kefir Lime leaves, Curry Leaves, the Licorice flavor of Thai Basil, the whole spectrum of Zingiberaceae (Ginger family) Ginger, turmeric, and Galangal (Thai Ginger), as well as flavors from across Alliaceae (Onion Family) Onion, Shallot, and garlic. The addition of Cardamom, Mace and Coriander make for a spicy curry powder. Use with fresh Lemongrass and Coconut milk to make a Distinctively Thai Red Curry!

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