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We grow a wide range of seasonal produce, plant starts, and specialty seasonings/infused finishing salts. Specializing in new and unique varieties, and lesser grown produce items (i.e. Habanada peppers, fennel, and Leaf celery, Italian Dandelion Greens). We also grow popular varieties like sweet banana peppers due to popular demand.

We vend our products at Farmer’s Markets in Labadie, Fenton, Tower Grove and Maplewood Missouri. (Check our FB page to see what we will have, where we will be and when).  In August of 2017 we began to market to chefs in St. Louis area. We wish to build healthy relationships and networks with wholesale buyers in the locavore food scene. Through which we can collaborate and grow together in the vibrant food culture that surrounds St. Louis. We want to challenge chefs to create menus using local products that are in season.

Chefs we are working with 2020:

Pepe Kehm:https://www.facebook.com/penostl/

Rob Connoley:https://www.facebook.com/BulrushSTL/

Our main purpose is to bring fresh, awesome, and healthy food to kitchens and tables across the region, but we also want to change negative perceptions of vegetables, by offering a wide variety of specialty produce and herbs year round, and pairing them with deliciously balanced homegrown seasonings and finishing salts. We provide a “palette for your palate” advising you to eat your colors; doing so simply by putting colorful, well grown, carefully picked, and efficiently transported produce into the hands of talented chefs both home and professional.  Because it is our belief that when most people think they don’t like a certain vegetable it is simply because they have not had it prepared correctly!  Also, that when you put the perfect raw material in front of culinary artisans the result is undeniably delicious.

We offer produce that has been grown in the ground, and therefore reflects the terroir of our farm and has more nutrition than produce that has been grown by some other meansWe utilize protected culture (low tunnels and poly-houses) for obscure, novel, and difficult to grow/find varieties both in and out of their normal season.

Work has begun on the vineyard, and are working with an up and coming viticulturist/enologist to one day produce some of the best red and white wines in Missouri. We are also developing recipes for native fruit beers, wines, and brandies, as well as Herbal Spirits from native and exotic species grown on the farm.

We have in the works a 30’x96′ high tunnel (Fall 2019) to begin providing heritage and heirloom vegetables at perfect quality, and grow greens and staple crops through the winter.

Another area in which we are making headway is with Our Jacob’s Sheep. We have reduced our herd to 7 from the original 22 and have them set up on a rotational grazing system.  We intend upon having a mixed herd of polypay/Jacob’s/Katahdin hybrid sheep, and Kiko/Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Ruminants are majorly important, as they clear land and improve the soil for us to plant fruit, nut, and timber trees in. However, the area we graze them would not have been suitable in the long run. This is where biodynamics comes into play. We keep them on an area long enough to clear it of undesirable vegetation, then the ecosystem changes to a pasture system, which builds the soil thus allowing for a greater carrying capacity for trees and shrubs. They then move on to a new area to repeat the process.

Below is a fairly complete list of the annuals and perennials we grew the spring and summer of 2017.



  • Celery; Tendercrisp, Zwolshe Krul (Leaf), Red venture and Celeriac.


  • Asparagus; Purple Passion


  • Radicchio; Castelfranco & Rosa Di Treviso, Frisee, Totem Endive, Batavian Full-heart Escarole,
  • Arugula


  • Asian Greens/Cabbage;  Tas soi, Wong Bak, Pak choi, Pai Tsai, Mitchilli Chinese cabbage, Canton Bok, Mizuna, Red Dragon Chinese cabbage, Amara mustard, Shiso Red
  • Broccoli;  Calabrese, Purple Peacock, Romanesco,
  • Brussels Sprouts; Diablo
  • Cabbage; Ruby Perfection, Tete Noire, Brunswick
  • Cauliflower; Purple of Sicily, Cheddar, Early White, Veronica.
  • Collards;  Roughwood Improved Green Glaze, and Georgia Southern
  • Kohlrabi; Purple, and Green Vienna
  • Lettuce; Romaine, Iceberg, Ice Queen, Linux leaf, Merlot leaf, Big Boston, Butter crunch, Rouge Grenobloise.


  • Tomatoes;  Abracazebra, Beauty King, Beefmaster, Bonnie’s Best, Biltmore, Comstock, Amana Orange, Orange Jazz, CherokeeXCarbon, Purple Bumblebee, Black Cherry, Pink Ponderosa, Pineapple, Ten Fingers of Napoli, and Vintage Wine.
  • Sweet Peppers;  Tequila, Merlot, Ozark Giant, Etuida, Bullnose Red, Melrose Red, Paradiscum Alaku Sagra Szentes, Habanada, Cachucha or Aji Dulche, Orange Scotch bonnet
  • Mild Peppers; Pepperoncinni, Mosquetero Pablano, Fajita Spicy bell, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Hot Peppers;  Jalepenos, Goat Horn,  Tobasco, Thai Red and Yellow,  ‘Chichen Itza’ Habanero, Scotch Bonnet (open pollenated Red and Yellow), Fatali, Trinidad Scorpion, Carolina Reaper
  • Eggplant; Fengyuan, Rosa Bianca, Edirne, and Green


  • Green Beans;  Chinese Long, Feijo Fidalgo, Missouri Wonder Pole, Cantare, Golopka, Purple teepee, Red Swan, Fresh Pick


  • Cucumbers;  Boston Pickling, Marketmore, Poinsett76, Tasty Jade (English or Japanese), and Armenian (Burpless)
  • Zucchini; Fordhook Green, and Golden Yellow
  • Acorn & Butternut Squash;  Honey Bear, Metro, Mini Butternut.



  • Parsley: Italian Flat Leaf


  • Tarragon


  • Basil; Genovese, Thai, Saim Queen, Cinnamon, Corsican, Persian, Lemon, Lime, and Blue Spice.
  • Mint; Doublemint, and Chocolate Mint
  • Cilantro
  • Thyme
  • Oregano
  • Rosemary
  • Sage: Pineapple and S. officinalis


  • Valerian 

Fall 2017 Crop List



  • Spinach: Corvair F1
  • Swiss Chard: Bright Lights Decorticated


  • Celery: Zwolsche Krul
  • Parsnips: Panache
  • Carrots: Cosmic Purple & Ya Ya F1


  • Radicchio: Rossa Di Treviso
  • Romaine Lettuce; Ridgeline, Ruby Sky, Summer Crisp, Oakleaf Salad Bowl, Oakleaf Rouxai MT10, Freckles, Fusion OG MT10
  • Butterhead: Buttercrunch
  • Iceberg Lettuce: Crispino OG MT10


  • Asian Cabbage/Greens; Pai Tsai, Joi Choi (extra dwarf), Red Dragon, Michili, Womg Bok, Hong Tae, Tatsoi, Pak Choi, Mizuna.
  • Broccoli: Calabrese, Romanesco
  • Brussel Sprouts: Diablo F1
  • Cabbage/Greens: Brunswick, Arugula
  • Cauliflower; early Snowball, Purple of Sicily, Veronica F1
  • Daikon: Minovase
  • Kohlrabi: White & Purple Vienna
  • Radish: Chinese Red Meat & Nero Tondo
  • Turnip: Purple Top White Globe


  • Beets; Detroit King, Bulls Blood, Early Wonder, Touchstone Gold.

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